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A legal resource that reads more like a good book than a database.

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Search by citation (XX CFR § XX.XX), friendly law name (“FCRA” or “Fair Credit Reporting Act”), or topic (privacy), and filter by states or jurisdictions

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Protect your productivity - no more waiting for laws to load

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Share your feedback and compdivance challenges - we’re here to make regulatory research as efficient and accurate as possible for your team

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We can provide tailored solutions for bulk data requests, legal research for non-profit use, and more.

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About OpenLaws

OpenLaws, the OpenLaws API, and OpenRegs are products of OpenLaws Public Benefit Corporation, a CivicTech innovation studio. Backed by a deep understanding of legal text and government technology, we’ve set out to solve a fundamental problem: there has to be a better way to navigate the law. That’s why we’re committed to building frictionless, equitable access to the law for everyone.

Although U.S. law is in the public domain, it’s forever frustrating to discover regulations that are inaccessible due to paywalls or a difficult-to-search state government website. As technologists working in the federal government, we’ve recognized the need for intuitive, accessible legal tools.

Over the last two years, we’ve conducted multiple rounds of user research with attorneys, compliance professionals, and law librarians to understand their needs. We’ve painstakingly transcribed scans of laws, studied how legal research tools fall short of risk and compliance needs, and carefully considered design and readability – all to build OpenLaws, a powerful legal resource for all.

We’re always looking for feedback to optimize OpenLaws and OpenRegs as a comprehensive resource for legal and compliance professionals across every industry. Have a challenge that makes your job harder?

Please share your experiences with us.